Bayer: Not Just for Aspirin

Bayer: Not Just for Aspirin

Bayer CropScience, located in West Sacramento, Calif., is a great source of resources for educators. Bayer CropScience is a division of the German company famous for its aspirin and Alka-Seltzer. The West Sacramento branch focuses on agricultural research and development.

In addition to this research and development, the West Sacramento site offers trainings and resources for teachers, and scholarships for students and people who want to be science teachers.

A couple years ago, I attended a Saturday workshop for teachers in which we ran science experiments with Alka-Seltzers and such, met with real Bayer scientists, and toured the laboratories. They even fed us lunch and gave me a memory card for my camera when I realized I had left home without one in my camera. We left with a large canvas tote bag full of resources, including boxes of Alka-Seltzer.

The other day I received a press release from the Bayer education team describing an event the company hosted at a West Sacramento elementary school, Westmore Oaks Elementary. More than 80 eighth-graders got to try out science experiments led by volunteer Bayer scientists. Even the mayor, Christopher Cabaldon, stopped by and joined in on some science experimenting.

Interested? Here are some links to various Bayer resources:

  • Making Science Make Sense: Experiments, field trips, and other resources for schools. This is the website for Bayer’s award-winning school program.
  • Periodic Table: A cool, colorful, interactive periodic table that can be projected on a screen for the entire class or brought up on individual computers.
  • Science Library: Lots of experiments located in one spot in case you’re running out of ideas.
  • Scholarships: Applications and information on scholarships available through Bayer for people at varying levels of science study. There’s even a scholarship for student teachers of chemistry or biology.
  • Is your school near a Bayer facility? If it is, these resources may be available to you. Programs are for elementary through high school.
  • Employment with Bayer: Got a student who wants to work for Bayer some day? Here’s the inside scoop on how to get there.
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