John Lennon Bus Takes Music On Tour

John Lennon Bus Takes Music On Tour


Imagine all the people, sharing all the world…

Thanks to a few teachers and an administrator at my high school, the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus stopped by our campus earlier this month, and I’ve gotta say: It was amazing!

The bus parked on our blacktop behind the school and remained past school hours, which is when some of us staff members got to check it out. The bus contains state-of-the-art music, video and photography production and editing equipment and studios.

The promotional material distributed by the people who live in the bus and have taken the free program to schools and community events since 1998, the non-profit outreach has helped thousands of students write, record and produce original songs and videos.

The website has a schedule of where the bus has been and where it’s going, and how to request a visit at your school.

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