Sacramento Public Art Virtual Tour

Sacramento Public Art Virtual Tour

Visit Sacramento for the public art. Visit for the State Capitol and the history. Stick around for the Farm to Fork restaurants and the public art. 

Sacramento venues are beginning to slowly open to the public under strict COVID-19 regulations, but public art is always available from the safety of a car or on a socially-distanced walk. 

Some art dates back many years such as the Fuller Poles at 16th and Q, first designed for the 1964 World Fair. Art installations, statues, murals, and design work are hidden away in Sacramento’s nooks and crannies. Enough of it exists that it’s worthwhile just to take a day to drive around or walk the streets hunting for art.

Newer murals are constantly being added to Sacramento’s buildings through the city’s annual Sacramento Mural Festival, held in August each year in Midtown, downtown, and beyond. 

Here is a sampling of just a few of the art pieces Sacramento has to offer.

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